OffRoad game in 3D, has different models like Jeep 4×4 vehicles, land cruiser, hommer.

Conquest 4×4 rough terrain with different vehicles all unlocked for use.

Customize cars with more than 90 paintings, wheels and accessories:

  • 20 models of luxury wheels
  • 40 lights headlights, snorkel, roll cage, rubber parts, antennas and more accessories!
  • 30 customizable paint colors.

Explore the different maps including:

  • Forest
  • Hills

Game modes:

  • Catch all the targets in time trials.
  • Full parking challenges.
  • Free exploration levels.

Customizable controls:

  • Based on accelerometer
  • Based on slide
  • Simple buttons
  • Mause and keyboard (Optional WEB)

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Unity version, please? WebGL is not XP compatible :P